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[This time, the recording starts with a long, drawn out sigh. Then, surprisingly, it's still Merlin's voice that rattles off the voicemail in tones of long-suffering.]

Hello, you've reached King Arthur Pr--Pendragon. He isn't here to answer your call because he's incredibly important and busy. If you leave a message here with me, I'll make sure he gets it because I am a good servant--and friend-- [he adds the last bit in a rush, accompanied with a thwap!, an 'ow!' and an 'I heard that,' then forces the rest of the words out through gritted teeth] and will do anything my master asks of me.

[A couple seconds pass, then Merlin speaks again, this time sounding a bit further away, like he isn't speaking into the bracelet anymore.] There, happy now? If you ask me, the other one is still better-- Shut up, Merlin. It's time to do yours next. Wait, what --

[ click! ]
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[Text] Day 308: Time for a misfire from your least favorite Doctor

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[Well, he thinks he's texting River, and has no idea how bad his luck and timing are.]

I've been told your husband is missing. Do you remember anything from the last time you saw him? Anything unusual?
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[Text] OH MY GOD, I love you ROFL

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What do you think I mean by husband? I thought I was the forgetful one.

You know, your husband. The one with the strange face and odd taste in clothing.

Some people were having trouble finding him. I was wondering if you knew if he was actually gone or if he's just off sulking.
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[Text] Yesss!

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[Goodness, River is not taking his disappearance well.]

It's widely known! And you've told me yourself! Are you having second thoughts now?

I think we were both drunk the first time you mentioned it.

Are you just saying this because you're angry that he's disappeared?
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So let me get this straight. You don't marry me in my future?
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[Oh hell. This blasted network. Again. At least it's not as embarrassing as the one he accidentally sent to Pyro that was meant for Charley.]

Oh blast, not again.

You're not River Song, are you?
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Eleven is the one missing. River is his wife.

I'm surprised you haven't met her. She's not exactly shy. Mass of curly hair, walking innuendo, spends most of her time with Eleven - that's the bowtie one, by the way.

Your men? Who is this anyway?
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[Eight's not even sure if he's happy he knows about apparently getting married in the future! He likes River and all, but marriage??]

Oh. Alright, Arthur. It is appreciated.

[This is suddenly really awkward.]

Wait, why did you assume I was talking about Merlin at first?
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I'm sorry. There are an awful lot of people disappearing lately.